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About us

As we speak, Light of Earths is a one man orchestra. Me, the triangle player in the back. My name is Bernard Languillier.

I was born in Belgium in 1972, when the 20th century looked like it would last forever. Boarding the wrong plane led me to land in Tokyo in 1997. Engineer by trade, I have always been moved by visual arts more than by equations.

Photography started 20 years ago with blurred jet fighters images shot with an old manual focus Praktika body. Planes have slowly morphed into mountains, entropia I guess. I have been focusing mostly on landscape these past few years, with a special interest for the effect of seasons on Alpine scenery and the more stable reflections of those in the skycrapers of Tokyo.

The praktika has been replaced by newer toys from brands as diverse as Nikon, Mamiya and Ebony (4x5). The relationship between equipment and creative vision underlies the work of all photographers but my passion for exploration accross the filmo-digital divide has made me specially aware of the implications. Among other techniques, I have been creating digital mosaics assembled from several sub-images. New visions and breathtaking image quality can be achieved when things are done well.

When asked by customers "have you manipulated the image?". I answer "yes". Like my mentor Alain Briot, I see digital manipulation of images as a way to overcome the limitations of equipment in order to enable the vision of the photographer. Most of my images are manipulated to some extend. These manipulations make it possible to print a final image that is as close as possible to the emotional experience felt at the moment of capture.

The digital revolution has made it easier for independent photographers to control the full creative process going from image capture (film or digital) to final printing, marketing and sales. Each image exhibited on this site is a mere virtual embodiement of an actual print. All of those were home printed on fine art German Photorag paper using a large format Epson pigment inkjet printer. The resulting prints have an expected life span of about 100 years, superior to traditional chemical prints.

This new web site is the outcome of a long personnal strol througout the various experiences of life. Why not making those images available to a larger audience? Here they are, available for sales. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your time with us!

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