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A Word on Capture

Our basic philosophy as far as image capture goes is that readiness and flexibility are the 2 key elements required for success:

- Readiness: having the best possible gear and set of skills with us for a given assignment is absolutely key. This takes careful preparation and research,

- Flexibility: it is never possible to fully anticipate the opportunities that will present themselves during a shooting session. To come prepared is a must, but an open state of mind and the ability to depart from the plan to take advantage of new possibilities is key as well.

We believe that objectivity is important when trying to decide what equipment to use for a given purpose. Then, how do we select the gear we use? There are different options for most pieces of equipement and we will only cover one key example in this short introduction.

Do we use film or digital? The digital vs film discussion has become emotional because of the disturbing changes digital is bringing along. The amazing pace with which digital photography has been progressing is further blurring the debate somewhat. Indeed, many of those film photographers who tried digital 2 years ago and didn't like it might not be aware of the latest developments.

On our side, we see digital technologies as an opportunity instead of seeing them as a threat. The detail we are getting on single frames from our Nikon D3x is not yet equal to our drum scanned 4x5 Provia 100F slides, but the digital camera is able to capture significantly more dynamic range while being a lot cheaper to operate. Soft misty scenes are probably still better capture with our Ebony 45SU, but mid-day scenes with a large contrast range clearly favour using the Nikon.

It should be said that when panoramic stitch techniques are used, the D3x clearly outdoes 4x5 and 8x10 scans in terms of detail as well.


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